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british shorthair kittens for sale BC


Date of birth: March 29 2024
Date from which adoption is possible: May 29 2024
british shorthair Vancouver


Date of birth: March 08 2024
Date from which adoption is possible: May 29 2024
Jack kitten for sale Vancouver


Date of birth: February 29 2024
Date from which adoption is possible: May 24 2024
Leo shorthair kitten Vancouver


Date of birth: February 29 2024
Date from which adoption is possible: May 24 2024
shorthair kitten Vancouver Cleo


Date of birth: February 29 2024
Date from which adoption is possible: May 24 2024
british shorthair kitten Vancouver Simba


Date of birth: February 24 2024
Date from which adoption is possible: May 24 2024
Lily british shorthair kitten Vancouver


Date of birth: February 24 2024
Date from which adoption is possible: May 24 2024


Felix from british shorthair breeder Vancouver


Date of birth: September 30, 2023
Date from which adoption is possible: December 05 2023
Coco shorthair kitten


Date of birth: September 30, 2023
Date from which adoption is possible: December 05 2023
Rocky from british shorthair breeder Vancouver


Date of birth: September 30, 2023
Date from which adoption is possible: December 05 2023
Charlie from british shorthair breeder Vancouver


Date of birth: September 30, 2023
Date from which adoption is possible: December 05 2023
Tiger british shorthair kitten for sale Vancouver


Date of birth: September 30, 2023
Date from which adoption is possible: December 05 2023
kitten for sale Vancouver Apollo


Date of birth: October 05 2023
Date from which adoption is possible: December 05 2023
kitten for sale Vancouver Leo


Date of birth: October 05 2023
Date from which adoption is possible: December 05 2023
kitten for sale Vancouver Casper


Date of birth: October 05 2023
Date from which adoption is possible: December 05 2023
Nanna british shorthair kitten for sale BC


Date of birth: July 01, 2023
Date from which adoption is possible: September 01 2023
Freya british shorthair kitten

Passionate Freya

Date of birth: July 01, 2023
Date from which adoption is possible: September 01 2023

Useful information: British shorthair kittens Vancouver – joy for you

The short hair kitten you buy from us will become a friend of your family. This is an animal of amazing beauty, still small, but which will grow into a beautiful cat. You will buy a cute playful pet from us. It will surely evoke love and tenderness in you. If you want to be a caring owner, then, of course, you need to know how to take care of a kitten. In fact, caring for a cute creature is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. On the contrary, if you want to take care of a small animal, then the process of care will cause you a lot of positive emotions.

Are you interested in British Shorthair Chinchilla kittens for sale Vancouver Island?

We are ready to offer you a beautiful animal. If you are already ready to buy the kitten into your home in Vancouver, we recommend that you first buy two bowls for food and water. It is advisable to choose ceramic dishes, as often plastic leaves an unpleasant odor. You also need to purchase a toilet tray. Let it be open and have sides or a lattice should be located inside. Buy a wool comb. It is also advisable to buy a product specially designed for the rest of the animal.

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You can buy a purebred kitten from us. Even if you live in Pitt Meadows, we can also make you a great offer. You do not have to look for other nurseries. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the information on our website about our activities as a breeder. We periodically post pictures of our adorable animals. We have pages of adult cats. They give us beautiful and healthy offspring that have all the features of the British Shorthair breed.

About British Shorthair and cats in general

If you have already made up your mind and are looking for kittens, then it is important to know the following. You need to understand that the nature of each animal is individual. At first, we recommend observing the behavior of a small animal. You will find out what his eating preferences are, see where he likes to go to the toilet, and where he likes to sleep. Once you are fully acquainted with the Golden British Shorthair kitten, it will be possible to understand how you will proceed. You might think that this is all going to be a hassle, but it really isn’t. If you decide to buy a kitten, you are probably already ready for the fact that an animal will appear in your house that requires care and love.

And don’t forget to get a scratching post. Why is this recommended by all cat breeders Vancouver?

  • Because it will keep your furniture in the same condition.
  • Any cat likes to sharpen its claws, it needs to choose something for this purpose.
  • If there is no scratching post, she will choose your favorite sofa or chair.

So that your property is not damaged, it is still better to buy a scratching post and try to accustom the animal to this device so that the kitten does not sharpen its claws where you do not need it.

Of course, in order for the kitten to be healthy, you should properly care for him. We always provide care advice before a customer picks up a kitten.We are a professional breeder and we know:

  • How to treat animals, even the smallest ones;
  • What needs to be done so that the animal grows strong and healthy and pleases you with its beauty.

Do not forget that you will need to visit the veterinarian periodically, because cats need to be vaccinated and, if necessary, undergo medical procedures. Remember that vaccinations must be done without fail according to the schedule that the veterinarian will establish. All vaccinations must be prescribed in the veterinary passport, which is always done by a specialist who treats animals. We also present a veterinary passport when buying a kitten in our cattery. It already contains vaccinations that were made before the transfer of the kitten to the owner. Remember that pets need to be vaccinated on time. You also need to take a kitten, and then an adult cat for a periodic examination to the veterinarian. This will keep your pet healthy and save you the hassle associated with the need for expensive treatment. You need to know about this even before you are interested in offers for kittens for sale.

Characteristics and features

  • Weight: Male: large:> 5 kg
  • Weight: Female: large:> 5 kg
  • Eye color: Blue, copper, golden, multi-eyed cats
  • Expectations: Life span: 7-12 years
  • Moult tendency: moderate
  • Coat: Length: short, medium
  • Wool Type: Straight
  • Color: white, blue, black, cream, red, brown, silver, beige, blue cream, tortie, striped three-color, smoky, with a smooth transition of color
  • Shades: solid color, tortie, bicolor, tricolor, striped, smoky, with a smooth transition of color
  • Less allergenic type of coat: no
  • Need for grooming: moderate, high
  • Club Recognition: Recognition by cat breeder associations: CFA, ACFA, FIFe, TICA

How to choose Golden British Shorthair kitten Vancouver?

If you have decided to choose our offer in kittens for sale, then you have done the right thing. We are a professional cattery that can offer beautiful offspring from Chinchilla British Golden cats. Each of our kittens is a special creation of nature. All our animals are very gentle and cute. It is impossible not to love them, they are very beautiful and cause a lot of positive emotions.

If you decide to buy a British Golden Canada kitten, then most likely you already know what these animals are. Even if you do not have all the information about what to expect from such cats, we are always ready to tell you about them, to introduce you to our producers and their babies. When you come to us, you can always choose a kitten that you like the most. We can also contact you through various communication channels and, if necessary, advise you on various issues of interest to you.

It is important to understand that the kittens are still quite small and you may have doubts about which kitten to choose. As a rule, doubts arise as to which gender to choose an animal: a girl or a boy. It all depends on your preferences. It is quite possible that you will want to get offspring from your cute cat in the future. But at the same time, cats are able to give beautiful offspring if you find a suitable pair for him. We recommend that you decide in advance which gender of a cat you will buy before you use our offer at kittens for sale.

It is important to understand that the further environment will determine the characteristics of your pet’s character. The character of the Golden British Shorthair cat will be formed in your home. And he will be the way you raise a kitten. Care and love always gives a positive effect, the kitten grows up to be a kind and sweet animal. If aggression is shown towards him, they will offend him, then the kitten will most likely grow into an aggressive cat. Therefore, no matter what kitten you buy from us, it all depends on you. Your upbringing will determine what kind of cat it will become in the future.

As for appearance and health, then, accordingly, you will have to take care of a cute pet so that its health and appearance remain the same as those present at the moment when you purchased a kitten from us. We are not responsible for what happens to the kitten in the future if there is no proper care or someone from the household treats the animal badly. Cats are very sensitive, as well as other pets, to the attitude of their owners, so we recommend loving and caring for a small creature. Only in this case, when the kitten grows into an adult cat, you will see the results of your work and you will be pleased to watch your pet. In general, we can say that you are doing the right, because cats of our breed are the most wonderful, beautiful and friendly animals.

British Shorthair for sale – prices

Looking for british shorthair for sale? Our prices are quite reasonable, although you can see. Many other catteries in Canada offer these animals at a higher cost. The cost often includes various mark-ups, which may be associated with the popularity of the nursery in Canada. Buying in a nursery will cost you even more if it is located outside the borders of the Canadian state. We do not try to increase the cost of kittens just because we have a reputation as a professional breeder. We try to please our customers with favorable prices so that they can buy a cute animal for their home, but at the same time not spending a lot of money on buying a thoroughbred kitten. Take advantage of our offer on british shorthair for sale, and you will buy a pet at a price that suits you!

Frequently Asked QuestionSubtitle text

When a small British cat appears in your house, you should think not only about how to take care of it, but also about how to raise it. Yes, this breed of cats is not much different from ordinary cats, but they have one highlight. And this is their highest intelligence! It is because of it that the owners need to have a certain approach.

Naturally, when you see a small fluffy teddy bear in front of you, it seems that he is the best in the world. However, each kitten has its own character and its own rules, but it is worth considering that he lives in your house, then you should establish the rules for him from the first day.

British babies, like children, if something is laid in them from the very beginning, this will serve as a guarantee of success.

Cats of this breed are often very calm and balanced, but this does not mean that they will not be playful. Moreover, all small pets have incredible energy and curiosity.

Love is the key to success!

The British are pretty smart cats. They are easy to accustom to some rules in the house, for example, to go to the tray. Of course, every baby may have some kind of oversight. However, in this case, do not yell at the kitten, much less beat it.

For them it is enough to change the intonation and show their displeased appearance. But it also happens that the owners themselves are to blame for the fact that the little Briton naughty.

For example, if it concerns the toilet, then perhaps the tray is in a rather uncomfortable place or there is not enough filler in it, or maybe it is already all wet. That is, before punishing your pet, you should carefully look around and understand the reason why he did this.

If the fault is on his side, then indicating his place, the British cat is likely to quickly understand everything and will fulfill your requirements.
Of course, in matters of education love and attention play a huge role. When a person has such qualities, he will by no means treat the kitten as a toy. Such a responsible owner will not take up the physical reprisal, and even wiser than the owner will seek help from a specialist if something goes wrong in matters of education.

What goes around comes around!

Here the law plays a role, as with a small child. Everything is very simple! What a person lays in a person from a very young age will begin to appear in the near future. Therefore, one should not lose sight of some pranks of a British cat, because at the same time its character is formed.

Understanding that this can be done, she will grow up, but not change. Do not think that the kitten will grow up, and nonsense will come out of his head on its own! It is unlikely that you will later appreciate riding on curtains, assaulting your legs, spoiling furniture, broken wires and so on. Therefore, the owners of such a cat should gently nip these moments in its behavior.
There are some proven, but safe for a cat methods that allow you to wean him from such pranks.

You can:

• blow the pet in the face. All cats do not like this action, and therefore immediately try to evade the scene of the crime;
• Spray a few drops of water on your pet. As usual, kittens do not like water, so they will take this action as a punishment. However, avoid getting water in your ears and eyes;
• a very slight movement of the palm, you can give the kitten on the nose. But, keep in mind that this must be done carefully and without the use of physical force!

Similarly, an animal needs to be approached with food issues. Do not poke his nose in the plate for what he does not want to eat. It’s usually best to leave it, and when it gets hungry, it will look for something edible anyway.

But this method is suitable if you feed the Briton with high-quality food, because it can happen that in the kennel the cat used top-quality food, high-quality and tasty, and you give him cheap food, which is not that tasteless, but does not contain there is absolutely nothing useful in yourself.

Naturally, the Briton will refuse such food, and therefore you should not force unhealthy food into it! If you are sure that feed your four-legged friend the right food, then sooner or later he should realize this.

Also, a certain sequence in the administration of pills and vaccinations is included in the care of the pet. To do this, you should start a notebook where you could note when the last time you vaccinated your cat and when you gave him anthelmintic drugs.

Pet hygiene

It should be understood that the sooner you accustom your fluffy comrade to all procedures, the faster and easier it will be to transfer them. For example, to clean the Briton’s ears and claws, it is best with a certain interval of time, so he will learn to these procedures without problems.

Accustoming gradually and from early childhood to such manipulations, the little friend will experience less stress. And even more so it will be easier for you to persuade him to these types of hygiene.

If you need to bathe a kitten (this should not be done unnecessarily), then cut off its claws in advance, lay a towel in a basin and lightly water it from top to bottom.

In the first 2-3 months, kittens have their habits, rules and character, so only you can influence it, both in a positive and in a negative light!

Finally, the long-awaited kitten of the British breed squeals in the house – plump, plush and snouty! Everyone joyfully carries it in their arms. But only proper care for British kittens is able to provide them with healthy physical development, good mood and, as a result, a long and happy life.

A little bit about the breed

It is believed that British Shorthair cats have a pedigree from the famous Cheshire Cat. But seriously, this is one of the first officially recognized and standardized breeds: already at the first London cat show in 1871, the British were widely represented.

British Shorthair cats have a strong physique, developed pectoral muscles, a short thick tail, strong tight legs and a round massive head. A captivating feature in their appearance is thick cheeks and round amber eyes. Also a distinctive feature of the breed is dense plush wool. More than 60 color options are recognized, but the main ones are purple and blue.

When to take a kitten

The right care for newborn British kittens can only be provided by a cat-mother, this is possible in a nursery where kittens are not excommunicated from their mother until they reach the age of 12 weeks. This approach allows you to:

• gain the kitten the required body weight – 1.5-1.7 kg by 3 months;
• receive complementary foods in the right amount and with the necessary regularity;
• receive breast milk as the main food;
• adopt personal care skills from mom;
• receive vaccination and anthelmintic treatment.

Up to three months for kittens, there is a high probability of getting injured due to a weak bone system, and complications after vaccinations are also possible. Therefore, respectable nurseries give kittens that have reached the age of three months.

If the babies is 2 months old, caring for British kittens is not difficult, although it requires free time. After all, pets should be fed 4 times a day with natural food, daily preparing fresh dishes, including the necessary set of vitamins, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, acids. A complete transfer to dry food at this age is fraught for the kitten with complications of the digestive system. The weight of a kitten in a month should increase 2 times. At the age of three months, the kitten is transferred to two meals a day.

Kitten in the house – how to care for him?

The appearance of a kitten in the house means for its owners the emergence of many new activities and concerns: it is necessary to look after the pet so that it does no harm, properly feed, care, play and teach, and in case of illness – treat.

The first days of a kitten in the house

The long-awaited kitten has been brought. He is scared, torn from his mother and his usual smells, does not navigate in an unfamiliar space. Usually the owner of the cattery gives detailed instructions on the care and maintenance of a British kitten.

To get used to the new house quickly and painlessly, it is better to act as follows:

1. Do not grab a kitten, squeeze and try to immediately learn to run after a toy – it will break out, scratch and negatively perceive future owners. Therefore, the new owners, especially children, it is better to just be in the field of view of the pet, affectionately talking with him and calling by name. The kitten should be given time to get used to without scaring him. Soon he will come to the owner.
2. If the apartment is large, and the bowls with food-water and the toilet are located far from each other, then at first they can be placed nearby, but not nearby. A kitten can be limited for a couple of days to one room where everything he needs will be located. Then gradually expand the territory, opening the doors to other rooms, so that he would not get lost and gradually master the whole apartment.
3. In the early days, the animal needs to be fed with the same feed as it was fed in the nursery. The change of feed occurs gradually, for this a new type of food must be gradually mixed into the usual one.
4. Kittens in 2-3 months are usually accustomed to the toilet. The kid should be shown where his new toilet is, putting a napkin with the smell of his urine.

Having bought a cat, the owner will have to change habits, and now:

• do not leave the front doors open;
• install durable mosquito nets on windows;
• including the washing machine, check its contents;
• close the toilet lid;
• close cabinets;
• see where you want to sit.

How and what to feed

To avoid obesity inherent in this breed, some rules should be followed in feeding and caring for British kittens:

1. Feeding natural food. Having made the decision to limit the cat’s diet to natural products, one must remember that cats should not be given housekeeping!
It is not recommended to give animals:

• milk after 3 months of age;
• pork;
• raw meat of turkey, chicken, beef;
• raw fish.

The composition of cat food includes frozen and boiled meat, except for pork, raw eggs, cottage cheese, sour cream, kefir, boiled vegetables, cereals, which add vegetable oil. Boiled fish can be given 1 time per week.

For proper care of a British lop-eared kitten, feeding should be regular, at the same time. Cat dishes should be cooked daily fresh.

Vitamins, proteins, fats, and calcium must be present in the pet’s diet.

Included in the proper care and nutrition of a British kitten with prepared feed. There are lines of industrial feed containing all the substances necessary for the animal, among them approved by veterinarians:

Royal Canine;

Visit to the veterinarian

Having purchased a pet, it is worth carefully reading the reviews of visitors to nearby veterinary clinics and choosing the right one.

If the care of kittens of the British breed is carried out correctly, visits to the veterinarian will not be frequent, but kittens should be regularly shown to the doctor during the first year of life for examination and vaccination.

1. The vaccination schedule.

Until a kitten that feeds on mother’s milk turns 12 weeks old, it’s pointless to get vaccinated. with milk, he receives antibodies that increase immunity.
At 12 weeks, the baby is given the first comprehensive vaccination, which includes components against rhinotracheitis, calcivirosis, panleukopenia. The vaccine is fixed exactly after 21 days with a similar composition. When the kitten turns one year old, he is given the same vaccination for the third time, a rabies vaccination is added to it.

Important! Vaccinations are not recommended during tooth changes, i.e. at 4-8 months.

In the future, the pet is annually given a comprehensive vaccination and vaccination against rabies. Even if the cat is constantly in the apartment, annual vaccination should not be neglected.

2. Deworming.

Caring for British kittens includes a preventive worm test.

Deworming is mandatory before vaccinations. The procedure must be carried out 10 days before vaccination, the drug may be in the form of tablets or suspensions.

Up to six months, the kitten is dewormed every month.

After the pet reaches the age of one year, the worms are run once a year.

3. Treatment of ectoparasites.

If a kitten has lice, fleas, scabies mites or lice eaters, it is necessary to treat it with ectoparasitic drugs. Funds are available in the form of sprays, powder, drops at the withers – the veterinarian will choose the most effective, because for kittens younger than 3 months, only short-acting drugs can be used.

What does a cat need to be happy?

For British fold kittens, the care and nutrition of which depends on the owners, you need to purchase a number of necessary items:

1. The toilet. Open trays for kittens have low sides, so that a small pet can easily climb inside. Subsequently, you can purchase a closed tray or with high sides, so that the filler is less scattered around the house.
2. Toys. Kitten toys are a must! The assortment is diverse: balls, mice, laser pointers, etc. And most importantly – play with him more often!
3. Scarlet point. Cats always sharpen their claws – you need to teach your baby to do it in the right place. To do this, put the kitten near the claw point and several times hold it with its paws on the column. Kittens quickly understand what they want from them.

Beauty and purity

Caring for British kittens involves mandatory hygiene procedures:

1. Combing. Care for British kittens includes weekly in the winter and, as necessary, in the summer combing of the animal. Need a metal comb for undercoat and a small brush for wool. Cats are scratched in terms of hair growth and in the opposite direction. Animals quickly get used to the procedure and enjoy it.
2. Bathing. It is believed that the British need bathing only after antiparasitic treatment or if the pet is very dirty. You can use dry shampoo. However, some cats love water and are not afraid to play it.
3. Cat manicure. Mandatory procedure every 2 weeks, starting from 3 months of age. Need special guillotine shears. Cutting the claw, you can not touch the blood vessels – they are clearly visible in the lumen.
4. Examination of the ears and eyes. In particular, care for British kittens includes a weekly examination of the ears: they should not be dirt, smell, pus. Ears should be cleaned with fluids prescribed by the veterinarian. Also, babies up to 5 months often have watery eyes. With the development of the respiratory system, this goes away, but you can clean your eyes with moist cotton pads.

Raising a cat

If you do not want your pet to carry food from your table, tore off all your furniture and wallpapers and crap anywhere, educate him. You need to set a task for yourself:

1. Do not teach a cat to ask for food from the table or eat from human dishes.
2. Do not let the owner scratch or bite.

Forbidding anything (sharpening claws on furniture, hanging on curtains or wallpaper, going to the toilet in the wrong places, chewing on indoor flowers, etc.), you can use several tips from experienced British owners:

• do not scream or beat the animal – the cat takes offense and harbors a grudge, subsequently he can take revenge;
• You can suddenly spray water from a spray bottle onto a prancing cat;
• clap your hands loudly and suddenly when the cat intends to commit an act prohibited by the owner;
• spray the place where the cat settled down to sharpen its claws or go to the toilet with an air freshener with a bright citrus smell.

The care and upbringing of British kittens is simple, as they are well accustomed. As a result of the educational process, the cat must understand the word “impossible.” You need to speak it, looking into the eyes of the animal – then the pet understands who is in charge of the house.

Annual Kitten Care Calendar
The timing
event title
Once a year

• vaccination against rhinotracheitis, calcivirosis, panleukopenia;
• vaccination against rabies;
• urinalysis for the presence of urolithiasis;

Twice a year

• antihelminthic measures;

1 time in 2 weeks
• clipping of claws;
• ear cleaning;
Once a week
• combing out;
• examination of the ears;
Twice a day
• feeding.

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