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Colonel at the paws of the beautiful Wendy

22 Jun, 2024

Colonel at the paws of the beautiful Wendy

We are expecting beautiful kittens in a couple of months from the most wonderful couple – Colonel and Wendy.  You can put down a $100 deposit and book your future furbabies.

Colonel and Wendy constantly delight us with beautiful offspring. They produce British shorthair kittens that are beautiful in appearance. The health of the kittens also appears to be excellent. All the children of these sweet furry parents have found a new family. They live in different areas of Vancouver. Many have grown up and become adult cats. We keep in touch with the owners of the kittens who gave birth to Colonel and Wendy. Everyone speaks very warmly about their pets.

Colonel and Wendy are wonderful cats not only because they give us impeccable offspring. These are charming creatures, each with their own special character. It’s nice to talk to them. They do not create problems for us and do not show aggression. Very beautiful cats, each beautiful in its own special beauty. You will agree with us regarding the beauty, because the photo clearly shows what beautiful furry pets they are.

Colonel and Wendy


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