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Month: June 2024

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27 Jun, 2024

Why do my cat’s eyes water

Excessive lacrimation from the eyes is the result of a narrowing of the nasolacrimal duct or a response to external and internal irritants. Only a veterinarian can determine the exact cause. But you can distinguish pathology from a natural physiological process that does not require medication. Main reasons The discharge from the conjunctival sac onto […]

22 Jun, 2024

Colonel at the paws of the beautiful Wendy

We are expecting beautiful kittens in a couple of months from the most wonderful couple – Colonel and Wendy.  You can put down a $100 deposit and book your future furbabies. Colonel and Wendy constantly delight us with beautiful offspring. They produce British shorthair kittens that are beautiful in appearance. The health of the kittens […]