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Our beautiful angel – Sunbeam – is retiring with honor

golden british shorthair Sunbeam
22 Jun, 2024

Our beautiful angel – Sunbeam – is retiring with honor

Our beautiful angel – Sunbeam – is retiring with honor. Today she underwent sterilization surgery. Now the cat is regaining strength and preparing to move to her new family. She asked me to say “Hello” to her new mom Sarah.

Sunbeam is a cute creature. She always pleased us with her flexible character. This cat gave us many beautiful and healthy British shorthair kittens, which have already found a new family. Many of them have already grown up and delight their owners. Communicating with Sunbeam is a pleasure. We are glad that Sunbeam has found a new family where she can give her love and affection to the people around her. This cute kitty can’t disappoint. She loves people and is not aggressive. We consider her to be a diamond among our producers. However, the time has come to free her from her duties as a mother.

It is worth noting that all our female cats who give us kittens are worthy of special attention. It is not so easy to produce offspring that are healthy and beautiful. Sunbeam coped with its task perfectly and repeatedly. We wish her a long and peaceful life in the future!


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