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Month: March 2020

2 Mar, 2020

British cat food

How to choose the right food for your pet The health of our pets, as well as their lives, depend on people. They have no choice; they eat what they are given. Therefore, let’s take into account their needs and reckon with their right to a healthy diet. We know that for full growth and […]

2 Mar, 2020

British cats and children

MOM, I WANT TO CAT!! Many parents hear a similar phrase from their children. Instead of a cat, a dog, a hamster, less often a bird can appear. But, in any case, the meaning of the child’s request does not change: he wants an animal to appear in the house. It doesn’t matter if he […]

2 Mar, 2020

The acquisition of an adult cat

People who come into contact with the world of purebred cats for the first time do not know that from time to time breeding animals “retire” and become available for purchase at very reduced prices. Buying an ex-pedigree cat or a British Shorthair cat has many advantages over a kitten. Such animals are almost always […]

2 Mar, 2020

Adaptation of a British kitten

Congratulations! You became the happy owner of a thoroughbred kitten, you have chosen and brought home the only, best, YOUR BRITISH KITTEN. You spent many hours studying the breed, choosing a responsible breeder. And now your meeting has taken place But here is an unpleasant surprise. A little kitten in a new house is crying! […]

2 Mar, 2020

Mating british shorthair cats

We assume that we successfully survived the childhood period of a cat’s life. Your child has passed on to that stage of perfection, where he is now, as they say in common people, an extradition. You have a very beautiful, wonderful cat, and it is simply necessary that she has even more wonderful kittens. Before […]