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Golden british shorthair cats vaccination

2 Mar, 2020

Golden british shorthair cats vaccination

The goal of vaccination for a British kitten is to create a stable immunity at an early age.

In newborn kittens during the first one and a half months of life, if they are fed by a mother-mother, the so-called colostral or maternal immunity is active. Maternal antibodies enter the body of babies with colostrum. But there is another side to the coin – colostrum antibodies prevent the formation of their own immunity in kittens, so it is impractical to start vaccination too early, it starts after weaning from the mother’s breast.

Only healthy, parasite-free animals can be vaccinated. Therefore, prophylactic deworming is carried out before vaccination (disposal of worms).

7-10 days after taking the anthelmintic drug, you can vaccinate a kitten.

To acquire a kitten must already be fully vaccinated! Vaccination is carried out in a nursery, in the house of the breeder.


Before vaccination, a kitten must be examined by a veterinarian!

Cats are vaccinated against the main viral diseases: panleukopenia (“cat’s plague”, “viral enteritis”), herpes virus infection (rhinotracheitis), calicivirus infection; from rabies; if desired (and if appropriate vaccines are available) for ringworm, chlamydia, leukemia.

The first vaccine is given at the age of 8-9 weeks and after 21, the same vaccine is revaccinated.

A rabies vaccine is given at the age of 3 months.

Subsequently, the vaccine is used once a year once for the entire remaining life of the animal.

10 days before the annual vaccination, worms are driven away.


It is no secret that helminthic invasion can lead to a variety of problems associated with metabolic disorders, inflammatory processes in the gastrointestinal tract and can be dangerous for people. In order to avoid such problems, it is necessary to periodically give the animal antihelminthic drugs. Check the dosage and dosage schedule with your veterinarian.

It is also desirable for at least 7-10 days after vaccination not to expose the kitten to great physical exertion, hypothermia and overheating, as well as contact with other animals, prolonged and tedious transportation.


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