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Month: September 2021

23 Sep, 2021

Characteristics and types of British golden chinchillas

The golden chinchilla attracts admiring glances due to its magnificent color. The bright, rich golden coat color in British cats is a rare occurrence. Therefore, British chinchillas of golden color are highly prized. The breed was created for true aesthetes. Content: Characteristics of British chinchillas Types of British chinchillas Differences between the sexes of British […]

23 Sep, 2021

British golden chinchillas – how the royal cats were bred

British golden chinchillas are rare, luxurious cats with a great temperament. They were bred artificially, but their ancestors were two well-known and well-proven breeds: British and Persian. Golden chinchillas are distinguished not only by their outstanding appearance. The breeders have tried to make the owners of the pets also get comfortable companions with a loving, […]

23 Sep, 2021

British golden chinchilla – the reason for its popularity

The appearance, color of the plush beauty, manners, habits, everything speaks of the special origin of the British golden chinchilla. Cat lovers appreciate not only the attractiveness, but also the complaisant disposition of the pet. British cats bring comfort to the house, they are loyal companions to their owners. British golden chinchillas are popular due […]

23 Sep, 2021

British shorthair female cat

British shorthair cat of golden shade Vancouver is a real find for lovers of luxury and chic. British representatives of the cat family are unusually beautiful, intelligent and docile animals. They become not only a decoration of the house, but also loyal companions for their owners. Content: Features of the British chinchilla breed What do […]