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Joker on duty

golden british shorthair Joker
8 Jul, 2024

Joker on duty

A vigilant observer cat sitting on the windowsill is a necessary element of any cozy home. This is Joker, who surprises with his truly masculine character. He is the protector of his home. An intelligent and wary gaze covers a large area. Joker sees everyone who is in his field of vision. An interesting cat who deserves special admiration. His habits are more characteristic of animals who consider themselves kings in the animal world. At the same time, Joker is a very cute cat. He behaves kindly towards his masters. By the way, the kittens whose father he is grow up healthy and beautiful. There are several of his descendants who very much resemble their father in character. We are glad that each son or daughter of Joker now lives in their own families and brings a lot of pleasant emotions to their owners.

Joker golden british shorthair Vancouver

Joker golden british shorthair


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