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Cat nibblers for british cats and kittens

2 Mar, 2020

Cat nibblers for british cats and kittens

The desire to sharpen claws is one of the elements of the behavior of feline animals. This is a kind of individual animal border mark that cats in nature leave on the bark of trees, and they try to make them high enough. At home, you can prudently buy a scratching post for your pet, so that, satisfying his natural need, he accidentally does not cause the crushing damage to your furniture. Also, climbing complexes will help strengthen the muscles of the animal, which is also important for its proper development and health.

In pet stores now there are many different clawpots, houses with posts, different colors, sizes, from different manufacturers, you can order a clawpaw that will meet all your requirements, fit the interior of your apartment.

Growing kittens are very playful and need a place for outdoor games. As it grows, it will just be the resting place of your family member.

In the nursery, British kittens from childhood accustom to the claws. It is desirable that the claw-point was using light sisal ropes, they are durable and safe, kittens really like it, especially rustling pipes and houses.

Sisal is a natural, fairly coarse fiber that is obtained from a plant called Agave. Sisal rope is very strong and elastic, in strength it is second only to Manila hemp. Of all the fibers of plant origin, it is sisal that has the highest tensile strength. In addition, this fiber is moisture resistant and does not conduct static electricity.

If the apartment is not spacious enough for a large complex, then for one kitten you can buy the simplest, but very loved by cats complex with loungers and scallop posts.


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