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The acquisition of an adult cat

2 Mar, 2020

The acquisition of an adult cat

People who come into contact with the world of purebred cats for the first time do not know that from time to time breeding animals “retire” and become available for purchase at very reduced prices. Buying an ex-pedigree cat or a British Shorthair cat has many advantages over a kitten. Such animals are almost always of extremely high quality, raised, professionally raised, neutered / sterilized, and the animals are still very young.

Why do they retire if they are young and so good?

For a number of reasons ….. This may be due to infertility, difficult pregnancies or difficult births. Perhaps the breeder wants to update the nursery’s gene material by buying a new breeding animal, because work is being done to develop and improve the British breed, which requires not only knowledge, but also practical application, it is necessary to add new blood to solve a particular task of the breeding program, new animals are acquired from the best nurseries of our country and abroad, animals born in the nursery and possessing genetically better data on certain indicators are left ..

And, at the same time, the former producers are neutered (sterilized) ….. the breeder is well aware that the status of a neutered animal in the pride is unenviable. Therefore, the breeder begins to look for his pet a new home, for the sake of his better life. Indeed, a large number of animals is difficult not only for the life of the breeder, but also for relationships among cats, after sterilization, the status of the cat changes relative to other animals, such a cat becomes one level lower and can be hurt by other pedigree cats …

Attaching former producers to a new family is a natural process of developing a professional cattery, adding a cat to a house loving her, where she will be the only and beloved, is the best we can do for our cat friends.

They have not become redundant for us, we also love them very much and that is why we have no right to worsen their comfortable keeping by increasing the number of cats, not taking into account the psychological climate in which they live … These reasons do not prevent you from acquiring such an animal as a pet favorite.

In a good nursery, producers are well grown, well-groomed, healthy, vaccinated. Cats adapt perfectly in the new house and in a couple of days they will feel quite comfortable.

By purchasing an adult animal from a trusted nursery in your home, you can be sure that the animal is healthy, well professionally raised, vaccinated, accustomed to accuracy and is one of the best representatives of the British breed.


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