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Buy a British kitten … for the Soul

2 Mar, 2020

Buy a British kitten … for the Soul

Many are looking for a cat for the soul. What exactly does a person invest in this phrase, because all cats are taken for the Soul … is not it?

One part of people who pronounce these words seriously think that it is possible to buy a healthy, purebred kitten cheaply if they pronounce the magic phrase “for the Soul ..” …

This phenomenon was born at the huge MYTH, that there are kittens that are taken exclusively for breeding, and if you buy the same kitten “not for exhibitions, not for breeding, but just for the Soul,” then you can buy IT SAME cheaply, moreover everyone has his own concept of “cheap” … sometimes people look for a kitten at three !! times lower than its cost! …. This MYTH zombies people …. and, of course, this is far from the truth.

For some reason, it would not occur to anyone to call the seller of the apartment and say: “sell me an apartment cheaper, I will not rent it out, I exclusively take it for myself ……”.

An apartment costs some money, regardless of your plans for its use, right?

Who wants a cheaper apartment, he is looking for an apartment with other parameters that reduce its cost (less area, worse area, etc.)

With kittens too. There are kittens that are expensive, they can be sold for breeding and, like SHOW castrats, for home, but also EXPENSIVE! There are kittens that “do not reach” the right to participate in breeding and they are cheaper. And their buyer must sterilize! (or the kitten is already being sold sterilized! Because only the best representatives of the breed should give birth if we do not want to completely lose animals with pronounced pedigree data.

Here is a typical telephone conversation, such, with small nuances, but essentially the same, several are heard every day:

– Do you have kittens? we need a kitten for ourselves, not for breeding, girl …

– Yes, there are kittens for sterilization, there is a pet class kitty.

– Oh, we don’t need this, we want a full-fledged animal, we don’t want to sterilize, so that we could give birth. Is there such a thing?

– Yes, there is a worthy cat, it costs …. rubles. (the cost is 2 times higher than under castration)

– Oh, it’s very expensive. us for ourselves … Are there any documents?

– Documents do not increase the cost of a kitten, but only confirm the breed. I have no documents without documents and never happens. Without documents, you can buy an animal only in the market.

– no, we don’t need a murzik, we want a thoroughbred, full and healthy animal, not necessarily the best .. We don’t need a pedigree.

– but you want to knit an animal … Not everyone can be producers. Need to knit the best …

– so we are for ourselves, so, for health …

….. this usually ends the conversation, due to the fact that the parties to the conversation will never understand each other …. some are breeding, others want to increase the number of cats, fortunately, there are always those who want to get cheap not the best representatives of the breed ..

When a person is determined to receive a quality product at a low price, after searching and realizing that such a combination is impossible (or maybe not understanding ..), he most often inclines to buy a cheap product, unfortunately ….. and, somewhere buying a kitten from parents similar to British, I’ll be glad if they assure him that this animal is also cool, purebred, etc .. and the like .., the main thing is that there are always people who say that their kittens are “real” British …. their mother just doesn’t have documents or, for example, “they don’t get to the club ……” …. they say different things, but the point is bottom.

But you, my dear reader, must clearly understand that thoroughbred animals do not exist without documents. It is the club documents for the kitten, and not the assurances of the seller, that confirms the breed.

No documents – the kitten is considered to be purebred! This is an axiom!

And after a year, this woe-buyer begins to ask on the forums in search of an answer to his question:

“Where to make documents for his superbred animal without documents? How to give birth to pedigree-like offspring similar to the British?” .

In this case, of course, this person will continue to save, he will not go to mate with a healthy and thoroughbred partner, it’s really expensive !, but he will go the same way … he will find the same one as him without documents … cheaper , with weak pedigree features …. and will then sell superbred British murziks … cheaper, and even cheaper in bulk ..

And the breed of kittens is determined by the breed of parents … This is also an axiom!

With all this, the owners of these animals on the forums are also offended when they ask: And for what purpose are you looking for an opportunity, where to make fake documents? Why not immediately buy an animal with real documents belonging to him ?? Do you want to cheat? Whom?

Yes, it’s easy to deceive someone who is glad to be deceived, who is ready and wants to buy a “thoroughbred” animal for a penny without investing anything in his dream … and it doesn’t matter that they say that free cheese is only in a mousetrap … there are people, who do not learn from the mistakes of others, they are used to buying everything cheaper, spending time looking for it and rejoicing in cheap and low-quality goods …. why is it quality? the main thing is cheap …

Once, at a forum, a woman boasted that she had bought a “real thoroughbred kitten” and she was brought home … she answered very rudely to all comments and arguments that weren’t in her favor, in general, she protected herself as best she could .. what can I say? the person does not want to hear another truth, besides his …

So, let’s continue .. Well, the cat gave birth to kittens, what’s next ???!

Usually, such people sell kittens aged 1-1.5 months, because raising is too expensive … It’s amazing if the cat was taken “for yourself” and not for making money, why not give kittens to friends? Having grown them up to three or four months, to plant and give …?

And an interesting regularity: the more clearly the indignation of the buyer manifests itself when he says “we buy for ourselves, not for breeding”, the more actively he will knit his pet, often making the cat give birth three times !!! per year and selling kittens as super-thoroughbred.

It is surprising that people asking to sell a kitten without a pedigree believe that it will automatically become much cheaper if you do not take the documents.

We all understand that, in fact, indeed, a piece of paper does not cost anything, it only confirms that this kitten was born from certain parents and that’s all. It’s clear that not the piece of paper is expensive, but what is attached to this piece of paper, etc. e. BREED and the severity of the pedigree features in this particular animal, the thoroughbred cat itself, namely, the genetics that are inherent in the animal, in those prospects that it has in order to grow into a thoroughbred British, and not a cat that looks like a British. ..not to go to the forums and not to ask each of them: “Please look at the photograph, does my pet look like a British cat ..?”.

The second part of people who are looking for a kitten for the soul, believe that this purchase should be kept at minimum cost, and begin to look for a kitten in a certain price range. The quality of the British for such a purchase, unfortunately, is also not required ((… This is so strange …. Well, if you have already decided to buy a thoroughbred animal of a certain breed, then why the worst?

You can understand the people who came and chose the simplest, according to the breeder, kitten and therefore inexpensive kitten because he liked it … But, not seeing, but simply ringing many nurseries and spending a lot of time in search of the lowest possible price, more than strange …. it is sad that cheapness is an important criterion in finding a kitten …

Usually, when a person chooses for himself, is looking for products or household goods for sale, he tries to choose a quality product, even if it will be used for a short time …. And only some people buy animals at all wrong …

When buying a British kitten “for the Soul” they buy the worst, cheapest, with low pedigree data, from random mating, without documents, without vaccinations, if only cheaper, although the animal is acquired for many years …

It is clear that British kittens with some kind of malformations or diseases should also have a host and be able to find a loving home …

YES, but these kittens can be afforded by people who are ready for charity, who are well-off and who can afford the possible further veterinary examinations and treatment, which are extremely expensive … and this must be done consciously !!! ..

Not every seeker is “cheaper” realizes that in the cheapest kitten you will need to invest a lot more money than in the most expensive one. It’s just that the breeder has already invested money in a healthy and expensive kitten (on time and professionally), and in the kitten “cheaper” these investments will need to be made anyway, but later …. this will require not only money, but also moral and time costs !! !

Most often, taking a kitten “cheaper”, the person says: “I don’t want to think about the quality of the future pet, for me this is not the main thing … I don’t want the price for the cat to be more than I can on it to allocate at the moment … it’s just a kitten and I’m not ready to pay big money for it … “The person who bought the animal is” cheaper “, is pre-configured to not invest either money, time or effort and ….. but having acquired it, it may encounter unexpected problems and begins to do something when the animal is already but something is not right …

Unfortunately, the examination and treatment of a cat is very expensive, sometimes even much more expensive than the same for a person, and when you have to pay for the treatment, the cherished “cheaper …. again, where do I get that kind of money ….. cheaper to put to sleep … ”

Unfortunately, this is no longer an assumption.

You can object: “a cat lived with us for 15-20 years … a cat bought from the metro for 3 rubles lived and it took nothing, no treatment, no investments …” Yes, there are always exceptions, but this does not mean that You are lucky again. And a thoroughbred kitten – this is not a kitten by the subway! Do not even compare! Outbred purps have strong natural health, which is given to them in natural selection, because the strongest survive …

Of course, you need to look for a kitten, really, for the Soul, realizing that a healthy, high-quality and thoroughbred animal, if, of course, it is such, can not be cheap!


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