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Preparing for the arrival of a British kitten

2 Mar, 2020

Preparing for the arrival of a British kitten

You have already reserved a British kitten and, as he grows up, you need to prepare for the arrival of a new family member …

What must be purchased?

1. Carrying. With her, you will go to pick up your baby. Carrying is still useful to you, it is very necessary for visits to the veterinarian and for various trips to the country or to nature. There are two types of carrying: plastic and cloth.

Experts advise you to purchase a plastic carry, because they are spacious, easy to clean, have rigid walls and a bottom, sufficient slots for access of light and air. In winter, you can put on a cover for such carrying, thereby protecting the cat from adverse climatic conditions. You can put a soft mattress in it so that your pet is warm and comfortable. But you can pick up a kitten in a cloth carrying, it will also come in handy at first.

2. The toilet. It is recommended to purchase immediately large, deep toilets with sides without a grid.

And use fillers, because the British like to dig.

Immediately buy a scoop with large slots for cleaning the toilet.

3. Filler. A good filler crumbles, is economical and reliably holds the smell of an animal, especially during puberty.

4. Bowls. Better ceramic and resistant. It is necessary to have 3 bowls: for water, dry food and canned food.

5. Sleeping place. You can buy an open lounger with sides, it may appeal to your pet, or it may not be useful, because the British themselves choose a place and it can be a chair or sofa, or maybe a window sill.

6. Comb. A brush with rubber teeth is a good fit for the British. During molting, it is indispensable. In no case do not buy a pooderka, because it tears a delicate British undercoat and it is easy to comb it out with a puderka. In this case, the cat’s hair will lose its plushness ..

7. Toys. British kittens are playful and very happy to be with different fishing rods, balls, balls, as well as mice soaked with catnip!

8. The claw-complex. It is best to buy Complexes with light sezal ropes. Such clawpaws serve for a very long time and have a very long time looking good.


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