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What do we give as a gift for keeping a kitten?

14 Jun, 2024

What do we give as a gift for keeping a kitten?

If you decide to purchase a kitten from our nursery, we give you more than just a furry friend. Together with the kitten you receive:

  • Cat house – cozy, comfortable for your pet.

He already knows that this is his house, since the kitten has already slept in it. The house has the smell of home, which is important for a kitten. Having a favorite house will allow the kitten to quickly get used to its new place of residence. The house is made of high-quality, wear-resistant materials. It will serve its intended purpose for a long time. The main thing is that with its help you will be able to create comfortable living conditions for the new member of your family.

  • A bag of Royal Canin dry food for kittens.

Royal Canin is a well-known brand of quality cat food. This brand also produces food for kittens. Royal Canin food is a balanced diet for small furry pets. It contains all the components necessary for the full growth of the kitten. We trust this food. In our cattery we feed cats with Royal Canin products. We have tested the quality of feed in practice.

  • Favorite toys

Despite their young age, our kittens already have their own toys. We are sure that these toys will help the kitten adapt to its new place of residence. The pet will not be sad; he will play with his toys with pleasure. The adaptation period will be painless. The kitten will quickly get used to life in your home.

  • Sales agreement

You receive an officially executed sales contract confirming that you have become the owner of a purebred kitten that was purchased in our nursery. This is an important document. It is provided by all certified nurseries that breed purebred domestic animals.

  • Vaccination passport from a veterinary clinic

You receive a vaccination passport, which contains all the vaccinations that were given to the kitten while in our nursery. Even very young kittens receive certain vaccinations to protect them from various diseases. You receive a vaccinated kitten, but you need to remember that your responsibilities include further vaccination of the kitten at different age periods. Vaccination is necessary, as it allows you to protect your pet from various diseases. Remember, cat diseases can not only harm their health, but even lead to death.

  • Health check from a veterinary clinic

A necessary condition that is fulfilled by any certified nursery is a check of the kitten’s health with the participation of specialists from a veterinary clinic. A special document is drawn up confirming that at the time of transfer of the kitten to the new owner it does not have any diseases. It is important to check the health of the animal in order to eliminate unpleasant moments in our communication with you in the future.

  • Certificate of deworming from a veterinary clinic

All kittens must undergo deworming procedures. The procedures are carried out with the participation of specialists from a veterinary clinic. Deworming allows you to eliminate the presence of various parasites in the kitten’s body or on its body. Deworming procedures using special drugs are recorded by a veterinarian and entered into a special document confirming that the procedures were carried out. Our certified nursery provides the appropriate certificate.

  • Sample toilet in a bag

We provide a toilet sample in the package. Our kittens are already litter box trained. They know what the place they need to visit to satisfy their physical needs smells like. You will need to add this sample to the kitten’s litter box so that he understands where his new litter box is. As a result, the pet will immediately begin to visit the place that will be allocated for him to use the toilet.

  • Samples of Whiskas wet food.


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