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How to prepare your home for a kitten

14 Jun, 2024

How to prepare your home for a kitten

A little fluffy ball will soon appear in your home, but is everything ready for the arrival of a new family member? Kittens are like children, and they will need not only your attention and care, but also some necessary things, a home first aid kit just in case and, of course, various toys for a colorful pastime. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

So what will a kitten need?

Bowls for food and water

The kitten will need two separate bowls: for water and food. The most caring owners buy three bowls. One is used for food, and the other two are used for water. Moreover, one bowl of water is placed next to the food, and the second is in another part of the apartment. The fact is that wild cats in nature drink from bodies of water, i.e. away from their prey. This instinct, albeit in weak manifestations, has been preserved in domestic cats. However, pets, as a rule, eat dry food, and there must be clean water next to it. But if you organize an additional “source of water” for your household, he will be grateful to you (and will definitely leave your mugs of aromatic tea alone). As for bowl models, it is best to choose universal ceramic or metal bowls. This material does not oxidize, it is completely safe and will last a long time and with high quality.

Complete, balanced food for kittens

Before your pet arrives, be sure to purchase high-quality, balanced kitten food. Consult with the breeder from whom you are purchasing a kitten, he will tell you which food is best. Even if his choice does not seem to you the most successful, at first it is better to feed the baby with the food to which he is accustomed. Otherwise, digestive upset cannot be avoided, and moving and being separated from mom is a lot of stress for the baby. Over time, if necessary, you can gradually switch your pet to a different diet

Tray and filler

Do not buy a tray with high sides for your kitten. It should be convenient for the baby to use his “toilet”; he should not waste energy on conquering it. Universal trays with bars are a very good choice. But with filler it can be more difficult. It is recommended to start with wood filler, but if your pet refuses to use the litter tray, you will have to experiment with the type of filler. Some pets prefer exclusively wood litter, while others prefer sand. You have yet to learn your baby’s tastes. Do not forget that the tray is installed in a secluded place and should always be kept clean.

House or bed for cats

Despite the fact that cats love to fall asleep where sleep overtakes them, a bed (or cat house) is a necessary attribute. Your pet will always be warm and comfortable on the bed. In addition, a cat trained to a bed will leave less hair on your sofa. For hairless cats or true lovers of warmth, a house is more suitable than a bed, because… it retains heat much more efficiently.
scratching post

A scratching post is the most important attribute of the house in which a cat lives. You should accustom your pet to a scratching post at an early age, and then your furniture and wallpaper are guaranteed not to be damaged, and the cat’s claws will be in perfect order.


To prevent the kitten from getting bored, he will definitely need toys: a variety of teasers, mice, tracks, etc. It is better to have several toys. This will keep the kitten interested in the game.

Carrying (container for transportation)

Such a necessary attribute as a carrier will be useful to you not only for traveling, but also for visits to the veterinarian.

Grooming brush or comb

To keep your pet’s fur well-groomed, it must be combed. In addition, brushing is a kind of massage that improves blood circulation, as well as an additional reason for the owner to communicate with his pet. The brush or comb is selected depending on the type of coat.

Eye and ear cleaning lotion, gauze or wipes

First aid kit

If you have a pet, you should have two first aid kits in your home: one for you and the other for your four-legged friend. Life is sometimes unpredictable, and while exploring its environment, a kitten may accidentally get hurt. To give him first aid you will need a first aid kit. As a rule, it is completed with a sterile and self-fixing bandage, alcohol-free disinfectants, wound healing ointment, as well as a thermometer and sorbents. Don’t forget to write down the phone numbers of the nearest veterinary clinics (including 24-hour ones) and, just in case, always keep the contacts of a qualified veterinarian on hand.

This is a basic set of items necessary for a kitten. Of course, it can be supplemented, for example, with a stain and odor remover, diapers, a nail clipper, parasite repellent, etc. In a word, everything that will ensure your pet a healthy and happy life.


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