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Breeding British golden chinchillas

british golden chinchilla
9 Jul, 2021

Breeding British golden chinchillas

The British Golden Chinchilla is a breed of cats that was bred by crossing Smoky British and Persian cats.

Partner selection criteria

When choosing a partner for breeding pedigree kittens, the following factors must be checked:
• whether there is full compliance with all characteristics of the breed;
• have all the necessary documents been provided: veterinary passport, breeding permit, club card, pedigree;
• whether there are defects in appearance and health problems.

It is necessary to vaccinate three weeks before mating.british golden chinchilla

Also, no less important criteria when choosing a mating partner are:
• strict compliance with color standards;
• absence of aggravating diseases and gene pathologies;
• healthy and active appearance.

If all the conditions are met, the kittens of the British Golden Chinchilla will be purebred. The most important thing is to choose the right partner, otherwise there may be deviations from the norm, and various diseases will appear, most of which are incurable. If the kitten is not purebred, it is called a mestizo, but many breeders are silent about this, so they get more money than they should.

Breeding rules for British golden chinchillas and conditions for this

Compliance with the above criteria is mandatory to obtain a purebred Briton.

Before you start breeding British golden chinchillas, you need to prepare a place for childbirth, where the cat and kittens will feel cozy and comfortable. Most often, a cat gives birth without additional help, but you always need to monitor the process. If something goes wrong, you need to immediately provide assistance and call the veterinarian.

The right time for breeding

Before choosing a partner, you need to make sure that the cat can already give birth. Both pets must be at least 20 months old, as British women reach puberty late. You can give birth no more than 2 times a year.

British golden chinchillas reach puberty after six to nine months. The first mating can be carried out no earlier than a year. If mating is done earlier, then the cat may have a difficult birth and weak newborn kittens. Usually there are about 6 kittens in a litter.

Caring for a pregnant cat

You need to care for a pregnant cat more thoroughly than before pregnancy. It is important to inspect the oral cavity on time, trim claws, clean ears, brush teeth, rinse and examine eyes. You need to comb it out gently, with smooth movements, if the kitty allows it.

Bathing a pregnant cat is not recommended. Cats generally do not like to bathe, and pregnant cats can get stressed if the water procedures are inaccurate. Also, during pregnancy, it is better not to disturb or irritate the cat as little as possible. If there are small children in the house, then it is better to immediately explain to them that it is impossible to squeeze a pregnant animal.

You can feed your cat in the same way as before pregnancy. If you follow all the recommendations, there will be no problems during pregnancy. Cats mostly lie and sleep in their place. But they also often require affection and attention, so if a cat suddenly comes up to you, then it is worth stroking it and taking some time.british golden chinchilla

The beginning of labor

Three to five days before the expected date of onset of labor, the cat begins to produce mucus. The kitty becomes nervous and can begin to show aggression, also hide. Another symptom of approaching labor is frequent urination.

At the moment of approaching labor, the cat may begin to refuse food. At the time of delivery, the cat will be in pain enough, she will meow and sometimes even cry. During this period, the owner has no choice but to be close to the pet, you can stroke her belly and try to calm the cat.

Scientists have found that when British cats give birth, they can be given the drug Traumeel. This drug helps and helps to increase the elasticity in the muscle tissue and also reduces pain during labor, thereby helping the cat to make labor easier. Usually British women give birth on their own, without the help of their owner or doctors.

But the occurrence of complications during childbirth is not excluded. In this case, it is recommended to provide assistance on your own or urgently call a veterinarian. But in this case, the decision will be correct if the owner asks the veterinarian to come home and deliver at home. It is not recommended to go to the clinic, as it is absolutely not recommended for a pregnant cat to move around and this can affect her health and the health of her offspring.

Up to 6 kittens are born in one manure. After the cat gives birth and the birth is successful, the kittens should be placed next to their mother, since they are born blind and do not see anything.

They also put kittens next to their mother so that she can lick them. After all kittens are born, they need help finding their mother’s nipples so that they can successfully receive milk.

British golden chinchillas are able to give birth for about seven or eight years.

If you follow all the criteria for choosing and caring for a pregnant cat, then she will feel happy and stay healthy. Kittens will be healthy. The beauty of the cat’s appearance will also be preserved.

Birthing a British Golden Chinchilla

The first rule for the birth of British babies is that they should come out head first. If the owner of the cat has to give birth on their own, without the help of a veterinarian, for any reason, then several basic rules for delivering at home should be followed.

It is necessary to carefully release the kitten from the amniotic fluid, wipe and cut the umbilical cord, leaving up to 2 cm from the abdomen. Carefully treat the edge of the umbilical cord with an antiseptic. You need to carefully examine the newborn, make sure that breathing is even. If breathing is disturbed, you need to lower him head down and hold in this position until he beeps. The tongue should be pink.

All kittens must be put in one place. As soon as all stages of childbirth in a British cat are over, you should bring a spacious box with kittens to the mother so that she lies down next to them and feeds them.

Breeding and giving birth to cats is a rather painstaking process, but if you follow all the rules and conditions and do not mix anything up, carefully monitor the cat’s health, you can achieve an excellent result even without the help of a veterinarian. The main thing before this is to create comfortable conditions in which the cat will give birth, so that her birth will not be a surprise to the owner. The cat needs to feel care and love, then she will worry less, and childbirth will be calmer.


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