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British short hair kittens – 2 boys and 1 girl

british shorthair kittens Vancouver
6 Feb, 2023

British short hair kittens – 2 boys and 1 girl

We have two beautiful boys and one charming girl. Babies are developing rapidly and have already begun to open their eyes. But obviously not ready for a serious photo shoot yet 🙂

Our cattery constantly offers british shorthair kittens for sale. And now we already have little creatures that are growing up and will soon be ready to be photographed for you. It’s interesting to watch them grow. Cute kittens, they are constantly near their mother. Their mother carefully monitors their cleanliness. Washes them several times a day. The kittens are eating well. Their mother’s milk is good for them. Every day they grow a little.

It should be noted that it is quite difficult to breed british shorthair, as we understand the responsibility to the future owners of our lovely kittens. Our cattery strives to do everything so that the animals are healthy and beautiful, please with their appearance and do not create problems until they are fully grown. Everyone who bought a kitten from us was satisfied. Because they did not just spend money on buying a thoroughbred animal. They have acquired a true friend, companion. Our cats are successfully growing in new families. They delight their owners, give them moments of pleasant communication. Of course, this is the result of our labors. And it brings us joy too.

british shorthair kittens


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