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British shorthair breeders BC – breeding cats

6 May, 2022

British shorthair breeders BC – breeding cats

We, as one of the British shorthair breeders BC, can say that breeding cats is not an easy task. Because it is necessary to ensure the correct selection of a pair, so that cats are comfortable doing what nature has given them. If the pair is not matched correctly, then there will be no contact. Cats will find themselves in a stressful situation, which, just like for humans, can have negative consequences for the animal’s health. But pairing is only part of the story. Next, you need to provide comfortable conditions for the cat, which will give offspring. During and after childbirth, you need to do everything necessary, taking into account the recommendations of the veterinarian, so that the cat remains healthy and able to bring cute beautiful kittens again and again.


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