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British shorthair cat for sale

29 Jun, 2021

British shorthair cat for sale

Royal chinchillas are cats with a gorgeous color and noble manners. They are real aristocrats of the feline world. They harmoniously combine a magnificent appearance and excellent character traits. All these qualities are possessed by real representatives of the breed. British Shorthair kittens for sale with all the necessary documents are offered by professional breeders. What should a potential host know about these felines?


  • British golden chinchilla – noble beauty and gentle disposition
  • How to buy a British golden chinchilla correctly

British golden chinchilla

The British golden chinchilla is a magnificent cat, fascinating with its gracefulness, noble posture and unique colors. They combine majesty with simplicity. British chinchilla with noble beauty and gentle disposition is an ideal choice for aesthetes who highly value external beauty. In addition to an attractive thoroughbred pet, a faithful friend awaits the owner in the face of a chinchilla cat.

Outwardly similar to a luxurious plush toy, the British chinchilla has a self-sufficient and intelligent character. The owner needs to establish the right contact with her from childhood in order to get an understanding and obedient pet, as well as a loyal friend in the future.

The British do not recognize harsh treatment and authoritative influence over themselves. They need to explain everything, they are very smart and quick-witted. They are easy to learn, but it is advisable to lay down all knowledge and skills before the age of 3. British cats are by nature well-bred and tidy. They will not spoil things and furniture, shit anywhere.

Golden chinchillas are distinguished by their soft and docile disposition. They get along well with all household members. The increased attention from children at an early age is perceived with delight, they are happy to participate in all games. With age, children’s pranks and gripes are treated with wise calm. British Shorthair cats allow themselves to be stroked, they can support the game. When they get tired of communicating with the kids, they go to one of their cloisters.

They carry out their personal feline needs and affairs with their inherent English dignity. The British do not beg for food, they wait patiently to be fed. They will not run after the owner, knocking him down and meowing loudly. They will sit by their bowl and show with all their appearance that they are hungry.

British shorthair cats have neatness in their blood, they do not throw food around, do not drag it to other rooms. The British never shit in the wrong places. But you will need to carefully monitor the cleanliness of the tray. There are exceptions when they are concerned about their health condition. If this behavior is noticed repeatedly, then it is better not to scold, but to show the pet to the veterinarian.british golden chinchilla

How to buy a British golden chinchilla correctly

You can buy the British Shorthair cat in Vancouver from professional breeders. In the cattery, purebred golden chinchilla kittens have a pedigree and a veterinary passport. Every owner of a thoroughbred pet should know what these documents are and what information they contain.

A pedigree is an identity card for a thoroughbred kitten. It can be compared to a birth certificate in humans. The pedigree contains information about the parents of a pet up to the third or fourth generation. The document is required for participation in exhibitions or breeding (breeding). Issued by a felinological organization (club).

The pedigree consists of two parts: the upper and lower metrics. If a purebred kitten fully complies with the standards and is intended for breeding work or for participation in exhibitions, then he must have both parts of the metric. When a kitten is given “for castration” as a pet, the upper part of the metric is sufficient.

What data are indicated in the pedigree:

  1. Top metric.
  • breed;
  • color;
  • Date of Birth;
  • the name of the animal;
  • name of the breeder;
  • the name of the club.
  1. Lower metric.
  • parents;
  • grandfathers;
  • great-grandfathers;
  • great-great-grandfathers.

The veterinary passport contains information about examinations and medical procedures. The veterinary passport is a document that combines the “identity card” and the medical record of the animal. There are two types: for domestic use or international. In the second version, all information is duplicated in English or the carrier of the country where the animal is transported.

What data are indicated in the veterinary passport:

1) Personal information.

  • the name of the animal;
  • breed;
  • Date of Birth;
  • physical data (weight, height at the withers, etc.);
  • information about the owner (name, address of residence, telephone);
  • identification (registration number).

2) Medical information.

  • what vaccinations were given and when;
  • notes on treatments for ectoparasites;
  • information on reproductive performance (the ability to have offspring, how many births were there);
  • carrying out injections;
  • surgical interventions;
  • special marks (features of appearance, body structure, etc.);
  • other medical manipulations and data.british golden chinchilla

British shorthair cat for sale may be accompanied not only by a pedigree and a veterinary passport, but also by an agreement between the parties. The owner of the cattery (Breeder) and the buyer (Owner) of the thoroughbred animal can draw up a documentary transaction. This is an optional condition, but some buyers feel more confident and relaxed if they have a documented agreement of the parties. What is written in the contract:

  1. Data about the animal, which the Breeder undertakes to transfer to the Owner after receiving the cost. Information about the kitten is about the same as in the pedigree: breed, color, sex, nickname, date of birth, registration number, data on parents.
  2. A kitten card, indicating that the pedigree animal is registered in the club.
  3. The amount of remuneration that the Owner must pay to the Breeder for the transfer of the animal to him.
  4. Deadline for final settlement and transfer of the animal.
  5. Terms of Sale.
  6. Terms of payment.
  7. Rights and obligations of the Breeder.
  8. Rights and obligations of the Owner.
  9. General Provisions.
  10. Health guarantees.
  11. The breeding quality of the animal.
  12. Other conditions.

The contract is drawn up at the time of purchase of a thoroughbred kitten by mutual agreement of the parties. The document reflects the terms of the transaction that suit the Breeder and the Owner. The contract is concluded in writing. Its validity is confirmed by the presence of passport data of both parties and signatures.

Buying a British Shorthair kitten from the cattery saves time, money and nerves. You can be sure of the health of such a pet at the time of purchase. In addition to external data, compliance with standards is guaranteed by a metric.

When buying a kitten from individuals, a potential pet owner is at great risk. Not the fact that the animal is really purebred. It can be a half-breed or just look like a British Shorthair breed. It’s also difficult to talk about the health of a pet.

In fact, a person gets a “pig in a poke”. Breeding work and an exhibition career without documents is out of the question. But even as a pet, the owner may face problems: severe helminthic invasions, congenital pathologies or abnormalities, and abnormal development.

At the same time, unscrupulous breeders ask decent money for “thoroughbred” kittens. If they ask for less than the real representative of the breed is worth, it will be suspicious. In this case, the potential owner loses a lot of money. The way out of this situation is quite reasonable and safe.

In catteries it is possible to purchase a truly thoroughbred British Shorthair kitten at a bargain price. If the owner takes the animal not for breeding work or participation in exhibitions, then you can buy a chinchilla kitten with imperfect compliance with standards. It will be much cheaper, but the animal will definitely be purebred with all the accompanying documents.



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