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British shorthair kittens born on march 8th

British Shorthair Kittens Vancouver
11 Mar, 2024

British shorthair kittens born on march 8th

Our beautiful Sun Ray gave us four gorgeous kittens on the holiday of March 8th!

The babies eat well and grow quickly. Will be ready for viewing by future families in a month.

Little British shorthair kittens are very cute and cute. They were given to us by our wonderful cat, who periodically pleases us with her offspring. Kittens that are born are always healthy, but, of course, they all differ not only in appearance. It’s too early to talk about their character now. But our cats have a good-natured character. Because their parents are the same – cute animals who know how to get along with people. Our kittens grow into beautiful cats that make their owners proud. And we are proud of them, because they are our absolute pride.

If you decide to get a kitten, then you should think about the golden british shorthair breed. These are not only beautiful pets. It’s nice to talk to them. Caring for them is easy. They do not require special attention. Our cats give love and positive emotions because their parents are distinguished by their non-aggressive nature. It is worth buying a kitten of the golden british shorthair breed, and you will have a charming four-legged friend in your home!

golden british shorthair kittens Vancouver


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