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British shorthair kitten – boy or girl?

2 Mar, 2020

British shorthair kitten – boy or girl?

If you intend to have a pet or pet-class animal, our advice is to choose a boy for the following reasons:

firstly, in their biological essence, cats are usually much more affectionate than cats and are more likely to become attached to new owners.

Secondly, offspring are not expected from a pet, and it must be eliminated from problems associated with reproduction. After all, an uncastrated adult cat or an unsterilized cat can turn your quiet life into something that you will recall with a shudder for a long time. By means of surgical intervention, restoring a cat is much easier than a cat. The cat, as a rule, forgets the day after what happened to him. The hosts are experiencing much more. A cat can also be (and necessary, since it is better and safer than all kinds of pills and injections) to be sterilized. But this operation is more complex and will take place on the organs of the abdominal cavity, and after the operation you will have to keep it in a special ass for 10 days, making sure that it does not gnaw out the threads and lick its seams.

If you want to join the glorious tribe of breeders of British cats, you need to think about this. If you take a cat, then, having reached the appropriate age, it will extremely unambiguously notify you of the passionate desire to become a mother. You will have to pick her a cat, taking into account all its advantages and disadvantages, then go with her to mate and pay for it, later you will be nervous during the pregnancy of your pet, and even more worried during childbirth. Then you will monitor the condition of the born kittens, at the right time to feed them and teach them to use the toilet, teach them the mind with the cat mother. But few in charm and attractiveness can compare with a cat that proudly shows you its offspring! And these her furry kids! As they grow up, the most grievous thing for you will be that you cannot leave them all forever.

If you decide to take a cat, keep in mind that with it there will be problems of a different kind. When a cat grows up, he begins to “post mating announcements”, that is, he marks everything around with a sharp-smelling urine. It is useless to scold or punish him for this, because he does not bully and does not demonstrate his bad character, he fulfills the requirements of nature. It’s not at all a fact, that he will do it all year round, but this usually happens about once every 2-3 months, for all cats in different ways.Our cat, for example, puts marks only in its toilet tray and you can notice it more sharply than usual, Therefore, during these periods, toilet filling As far as I know, this feature is transmitted at the genetic level from father to son, etc. But no matter what your cat will be like, you will be greeted by a huge, powerful golden-eyed handsome man with a gentle voice, near whose cage, admiring spectators will gather at exhibitions.

So choose!


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