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Character of British Cats

19 Sep, 2014

Character of British Cats

The British have a unique character, not like other cats. They are affectionate and friendly, but at the same time quite independent and stubborn. They tolerate the absence of the owner of the house well, so they are very suitable for people who often linger for a long time at work. These cats love affection, but they do not always love to be squeezed and picked up. These are not annoying animals at all, they will always find something for themselves. They like to play, but not endlessly. Too much attention on the part of people will tire them, and they will quickly leave aside on their business. Favorite hobby is observing from a distance what is happening around. But sometimes they can actively “participate” in household chores. Britons love all members of the family, as a rule, not particularly highlighting one. They are also kind to children, but not allowing careless treatment. But to strangers they’re unlikely to come close or let themselves be stroked. No, they will not aggressively hiss at the guests, they will just stay away. These cats are quite friendly with other animals in the house – cats and dogs, especially if raised with them from an early age.

Representatives of this breed have a quiet voice. From them you will not hear a loud meow. It is more silent grunting or purring. They will not beg for food, but simply sit defiantly near a bowl in anticipation of food. In general, these animals are distinguished by a high degree of poise in everything. They will not shkodit or bully in the house in the absence of the owners. More likely to settle on the window, watching the birds and passers-by. Only curiosity is peculiar to them, although, like many other cats. They definitely need to inspect, sniff everything new, climb into a bag or a new bag. But the beneficial fruits of all the balance and friendliness of the British character will certainly appear only after the correct upbringing of the kitten from an early age. The British are growing up slowly, only by the age of 4, so you have time at least up to a year to instill good manners and wean from bad habits, if such are wound up.


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