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How long does a British cat’s pregnancy last?

21 Nov, 2019

How long does a British cat’s pregnancy last?

A pregnant British cat wears calves for about 63-65 days, as well as most other purebred individuals. But it is impossible to say unequivocally after how many days the babies will be born. And that’s why:

• Britons with a small weight (an adult cat of this breed can sometimes weigh no more than 2.5 kg) are allowed to burden a little earlier – for 56-60 days. Large cats (weighing from 5.5-6 kg) can be pregnant and give birth after 65 days of pregnancy;
• Pregnant cats for the first time, bearing no more than 3 kittens, usually give birth on time – 63 days after fertilization (plus or minus 2-3 days). Nurseries of the middle age, carrying up to 5-6 babies, can give birth slightly earlier than the expected date – for 56-60 days;
• The gestational age of British cats can be very short if the birth is early – after the first estrus. The duration of gestation in such cases is sometimes not more than 50 days. Kittens in this case are either born dead or practically non-viable.

By the way, sometimes Scottish breeds with hanging or upright ears are considered to be British cats (sometimes they are called British lop-eared and British erect, respectively). Although Scottish and British cats are animals of different breeds, their gestational age is the same: an average of 63-65 days.

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