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How to Feed British Cats

21 Nov, 2019

How to Feed British Cats

In terms of feeding, the British are also not particularly picky and do not differ in food allergies. Suitable industrial feeds, both dry and canned. Since representatives of this breed do not differ in increased activity, they are prone to obesity if the feeding regimen is not observed. Avoid overfeeding, follow the recommended dosage of food specified by the manufacturers. You can also feed with natural food, but should not be mixed with artificial nutrition. The selection of a natural diet requires more time and a certain experience. But you cannot feed cats from your table. The composition of natural nutrition should include: Meat and offal – beef, poultry, of course, without bones. Cartilage can sometimes be given for teeth. Porridge, boiled and fresh vegetables – should make up about a quarter of the diet. Sour-milk products – low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir, fermented baked milk. An adult animal should not be given milk. Once or twice a week, you can give a boiled egg. DO NOT give spicy, sweet, pickled and salted, smoked. Fish, especially raw and pork, is not recommended. When feeding with natural products, it is useful to feed with vitamin and mineral supplements. When feeding finished industrial food, this is not necessary, in its composition all substances are already balanced.


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