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Hurray-hurray-hurray! British shorthair kittens born!

british shorthair kittens Vancouver
27 Feb, 2024

Hurray-hurray-hurray! British shorthair kittens born!

The first litter of four expected was born on February 24th. The beautiful Princess gave us three glorious kittens from her union with our glorious Joker.

We are expecting kittens from Sunny, Wendy and Sunray within the next two weeks.

The viewing of the kittens will take place on March 24th. Priority is given to clients who have previously made deposits.

British shorthair kittens are born healthy and incredibly cute. Every time they are born is a miracle for us. We always monitor how the process of childbirth is progressing so that, if necessary, we can provide some assistance to the cat. As a result, British shorthair kittens are born quickly enough and without consequences for their health and the health of their mother. Of course, this is not an easy process. But we have been working in the field of cat breeding for many years. We have the experience and comprehensive knowledge that allows us to be confident that animals will go through the birth process without problems.

british shorthair kittens


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