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Interesting facts about British Cats

21 Nov, 2019

Interesting facts about British Cats

These cats are perfect for people who have little free time and are often away from home. They are also called “businessmen cats.” Cats of this breed are independent in nature, do not like to sit on handles, and only relatives will allow themselves to be stroked. This is the oldest cat breed in England and one of the oldest in the world, having appeared, as it is believed from the Egyptian, introduced by the Romans, and the European forest, living in northern Europe. It is assumed that the famous Cheshire cat from fairy tales about Alice was written off precisely from the British breed. The British – lovers of sleep, they do it 14-16 hours a day. By nature, these cats are excellent hunters, especially on mice. It was the Briton with the color tabby is the face of Whiskas pet food manufacturers.

Briton: interesting facts

1. British women are one of the oldest cat in Britain. It is also one of the largest breeds of Albion.
2. There are more than 100 variants of coat color for these animals.
3. This is a very independent cat, which is not friendly to strangers, and allows itself to iron only to close.
4. British women are tolerant of children.
5. With age, active kittens turn into passive cats.
6. The British cat calmly endures loneliness, so it is suitable for those who work hard and rarely go home.
7. Pets are omnivorous, but also likely to be overweight.


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