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Maintenance and Care

21 Nov, 2019

Maintenance and Care

In content, these cats are also quite independent and unpretentious. They are notable for their cleanliness, therefore they often engage in licking and combing their hair. But due to its very thick, including undercoat, they often molt abundantly. And so that lumps of hair get into the cat’s stomach as little as possible, and also spread throughout the apartment, you need to comb your pets often and carefully. This should be done at least once or twice a week. In order for an adult animal to calmly relate to this, letting it comb out, it is necessary to teach a kitten to this procedure from a very young age. It is convenient to use a soft brush with frequent bristles. During molting, this process will have to be carried out daily. And they molt abundantly and often, despite their shorthair, so it will be difficult for people with allergies with them. Bathing often should not be, clean British and without it will be clean and odorless. But if bathing is necessary, then use special shampoos for a short dense coat and then dry the coat thoroughly. Ears and eyes should be inspected regularly and cleaned with clean, damp tampons if necessary. For the eyes, you can moisten the swab with a special solution. Regularly you need to monitor the claws, and if necessary, carefully trim them.


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