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Meet the golden british shorthair Dale kitten

British Golden Chinchillas kitten Dale
12 Aug, 2022

Meet the golden british shorthair Dale kitten

Dale is a golden british shorthair kitten that we got in June of this year. He is almost 2 months old. Now he has grown. In the photo, he is still very small. However, the main features of his appearance have been preserved. He has a very serious muzzle, smart eyes. The flawless beauty of the fur attracts the eye with its ideality of each hair. It makes me want to take him in my arms and pet him. This is a very cute creature, despite the seriousness of the expression on the face. The kitten will definitely like its behavior. Dale loves to play, as do all kittens in good health. We are confident that the kitten will grow into a cat that will delight its owners. You can see all photos of the kitten here.


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