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Pregnancy and Birth of british shorthair kittens

21 Nov, 2019

Pregnancy and Birth of british shorthair kittens

Cats of the British breed have long won the recognition of animal lovers, not only in their homeland, in England, but also in our country. Plush fur coats, attentive eyes, calm character are just some of the positive features of these pets. It is not surprising that a person who dreams of a pet goes to the cattery for a British cat.

While the kitten is small, there is no significant difference – he is a boy or a girl. But starting from 8-10 months, the owner of a British female has a choice: either to sterilize the pet, or not to interfere with her meetings with the cat. If the owner’s plans to let the cat know the joy of motherhood, you should know how much pregnant British cats walk. This article will discuss the first signs and duration of pregnancy, the intricacies of the birth of cats of the British breed.

How to find out that a Briton is pregnant

If the British and her chosen one are healthy, and fertilization has been successful, within one and a half to two weeks after mating, the owner can notice the first signs of pregnancy:

• Possible toxicosis (not all cats have it) – the pet is sick, its appetite is reduced;
• Changing the shade of the nipples (all or several) – they become clearly pink;
• Cat sleepy – the pregnant favorite will prefer solitude in a secluded corner to active games.

In the middle of pregnancy, the owner of a British cat will notice more obvious signs of an imminent addition to the mustachioed family:

The cat’s stomach is rounded, which is noticeable to the naked eye;

• The animal increases appetite;
• Nipples swell.

In the last 3 weeks before giving birth, the cat behaves like a real future mom:

• A lot of rest – saves strength before the birth of kittens;
• Looks for a “nest” – a corner for posterity, spends a lot of time there.

Immediately before childbirth (24-12 hours or less), the pet appears milk, she often breathes, meows anxiously, licks the perineum. 2-3 hours before the joyful event, or immediately before the birth itself, the water leaves the cat – a gray-yellow liquid. For half an hour or an hour before the time of birth, the purr begins in labor.


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