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Pros and cons of the breed

2 Mar, 2020

Pros and cons of the breed

The advantages of British Shorthair cats.

Beauty. For many, this is important. The appearance of wool is directly dependent on nutrition. As soon as you start to be lazy or sewn up at work, the cat is not the same.

No special problems with molting. In many breeds of cats, this is wool. Longhaired owners find her everywhere. In the case of the British Shorthair, with an extremely dense downlift, with regular combing from the cat, almost nothing flies.

Very calm. This is a very careful animal, which once again will not endanger itself. Another plus follows from this. It is not interesting for such a cat to climb onto shelves, cabinets and dressers and wander there, dropping everything in a row. Does not climb high surfaces in principle. Do not steal from the table.

Large size. Many love big cats. And the British Shorthair is also a big cat. The British in this regard are a godsend. The weight of an adult cat varies from 8 to 10 kg. At the same time, this is not a mass of fat, but a completely taut little animal. When you feel it, the muscles roll around at hand.

A very noble animal: both inside and out. He moves, looks, – with dignity. He does not rush about in search of food, does not require anything, will never eat if he is already full simply because they have given something else tasty. He does not like to trifle, and is very generous.

This cat sincerely loves other cats. Patient. This is a very strong charismatic animal. But not aggressive towards others. Dogs also perceive calmly.

Deeply devoted. Friendly to everyone, misses the adults and small owners.

Pretty quickly getting used to the horizontal clawfish. But the curtains are still pulling. True, in moderation.

Not afraid of strangers, very sociable. It always comes out to watch when someone comes. I’m ready to talk, if his main rule is fulfilled – do not pick her up.

It can easily fend for itself. And it can bite, and scratch, and even come up with original solutions. Does not tolerate the grip of a child.

Cons breed British Shorthair

If you need a cutie that you can cuddle at any time of the day or night, you are not for the Briton. It must not be touched. He can come to lie nearby, sit down, sleep, cuddled up, caress. But no hands.

Long gets used to the tray. More than six months.

Smart, but not smart. He cannot be forced to do anything. He can only want himself. Otherwise, he will prove himself to be another saboteur. Fights like an angry tiger.

Conclusion: this is an ideal animal for an apartment. Calm Judicious. Not a particular hassle. Faithful and faithful, noble, but on my mind. Does not tolerate a violation of his personal space, the squeezing of children. Perfect for those who already have other animals. And also to those who respect its borders and are able to recognize the right of a cat to be so. as he is. It can be broken, but redone – no.


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