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The birth of kittens in a British cat

21 Nov, 2019

The birth of kittens in a British cat

So, the signs of imminent motherhood, as well as how long the British cat’s pregnancy lasts, are questions clarified. Now it makes sense to learn how to take care of a British woman preparing for childbirth:

1. To avoid problems, it is advisable to show the pet to the veterinarian 2-3 weeks after mating. The first ultrasound can be done already on the 15th day of pregnancy to see if the kittens are healthy;
2. At the slightest suspicion that something is wrong with the health of the pet, the veterinarian should be called. The owner should be alert for frequent emptying of the stomach and diarrhea, high or low body temperature (more than 40 or less than 37 degrees), vaginal discharge of a green, black or bloody hue with an unpleasant odor, and a long refusal to eat. In addition, it is imperative that you inform your doctor if the pet has prepared for delivery prematurely or is undergoing pregnancy;
3. It is recommended to exclude everything that can scare or unnerve a cat (very loud music, active games, tossing a pet to the ceiling);
4. It is necessary to exclude the possibility of injury to the cat, not allowing it to climb to a great height;
5. In the first 3 weeks of pregnancy, a British woman is fed twice a day, increasing the usual portion by no more than 10% (if the pussy has no toxicosis). In the middle of pregnancy (4-6 weeks), the amount of food increases by another 40%, but this does not mean that there should be a large amount of food in the bowl. It is much more correct to divide the entire volume of food into 5-6 small portions. At the final stage of pregnancy (from 7 to 9 weeks), the cat’s appetite decreases, because the amount of food can be reduced again;
6. A British cat should not be overfed. These animals are already prone to fullness, and excess weight can harm during gestation and childbirth;
7. Feed the cat in position with either high-quality industrial wet or dry food, or natural food (boiled meat and offal, cereals, dairy products, a small amount of vegetables and eggs);
8. In order to avoid damage to their own things (clothes, bedding), the owner must push the British away from the cabinets, beds, other places where she wants to arrange a “nest”. It is better to organize a corner for the mother and her kittens in a quiet place without a draft;
9. Any medication (including dietary supplements and vitamins) is allowed to give the cat only after agreement with the veterinarian.
How to help a British woman during childbirth

So, immediately before giving birth, the owner should be patient and carefully monitor the behavior of the future mother. If a cat is chasing a person, crying or, on the contrary, purring, licking her crotch, then the kittens are on their way. Just in case, it is worth agreeing with the veterinarian about his consultations by phone or leaving the house for a woman in labor (if something goes wrong according to plan). Also, the owner will need to prepare:

1. Clean disposable wipes (clean, dry cloth);
2. Vaseline or fat cream;
3. Cotton wool (or cotton pad);
4. Scissors (preferably sterilized and treated with alcohol);
5. Threads;
6. Hydrogen peroxide;
7. Warmer with warm water;
8. Pure water for drinking cats.

When amniotic fluid flows away or fights begin, it should be transferred to a stove bench covered with a clean diaper (cloth). You can pet your pet, calmly talk to her. When the contractions become frequent, and the cat starts licking itself every now and then, the first baby will soon be born. To help the Briton, you can gently pat her stomach (from the chest to the lower abdomen, pushing the babies to the exit).

If the kitten’s head appeared, and the contractions weakened, you can help by gently pulling the kitten by the skin in the withers area, smeared with Vaseline’s hand. When the front legs of the kitten appear, you should slowly pull it towards you by the body (very, very carefully, not grabbing the head or legs). When the baby comes out, you should make sure that the placenta also comes out (you can stretch it after the baby or wait until the cat pushes it out). In a born baby, it is required to cut the umbilical cord at a distance of 2-2.5 cm from the tummy, having previously pulled it with a thread. Lubricate the kitten’s navel with hydrogen peroxide.

A newborn kitten should be placed closer to the mother so that the cat can lick the baby. If this does not happen, wipe the new family member with a napkin or clean cloth, and put it closer to the cat’s nipples so that he has a bite. Then the cat should be placed close to the heating pad, allowing the cat to give birth to the next baby.


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