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british golden chinchilla
9 Jul, 2021

Why are British golden chinchillas popular?

British golden chinchillas are rare and quite expensive cats. Their color is unique. Often there are mestizos, that is, non-purebred cats that have some deviations from breed standards. Excellent appearance One trait that makes British gold chinchillas popular and standout is their fur and appearance. Their golden color was quite difficult to obtain. Experiments were […]

british golden chinchilla
9 Jul, 2021

Feeding British Golden Chinchillas

British chinchillas are a specific color. Cats need a full complement of vitamins and nutrients. Feeding natural food British golden chinchillas, like other types of cats, are predators, so meat should be added to their diet. These cats are quite massive in size, so you need to choose foods that contain 34-35% protein. Therefore, you […]

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