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british golden chinchilla
9 Jul, 2021

Breeding British golden chinchillas

The British Golden Chinchilla is a breed of cats that was bred by crossing Smoky British and Persian cats. Partner selection criteria When choosing a partner for breeding pedigree kittens, the following factors must be checked: • whether there is full compliance with all characteristics of the breed; • have all the necessary documents been […]

british golden chinchilla
9 Jul, 2021

British Golden Chinchilla’s Choice

The choice of a British chinchilla kitten should be approached very responsibly, otherwise there is a chance to acquire a mestizo with congenital diseases. Criteria for choosing a British golden chinchilla When choosing a British golden chinchilla, it is better to focus on proven catteries, since it is possible that the kitten will not be […]

29 Jun, 2021

British shorthair cat for sale

Royal chinchillas are cats with a gorgeous color and noble manners. They are real aristocrats of the feline world. They harmoniously combine a magnificent appearance and excellent character traits. All these qualities are possessed by real representatives of the breed. British Shorthair kittens for sale with all the necessary documents are offered by professional breeders. […]

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