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21 Nov, 2019

British Health and Disease

British cats – a breed bred naturally, so they have maintained good health of their ancestors. However, there are some characteristic diseases characteristic of them: Polycystic kidney disease. Hereditary disease, which leads to the death of the animal. There is no complete cure, it is only possible to slow down and facilitate the course of […]

21 Nov, 2019

How to Feed British Cats

In terms of feeding, the British are also not particularly picky and do not differ in food allergies. Suitable industrial feeds, both dry and canned. Since representatives of this breed do not differ in increased activity, they are prone to obesity if the feeding regimen is not observed. Avoid overfeeding, follow the recommended dosage of […]

21 Nov, 2019

Maintenance and Care

In content, these cats are also quite independent and unpretentious. They are notable for their cleanliness, therefore they often engage in licking and combing their hair. But due to its very thick, including undercoat, they often molt abundantly. And so that lumps of hair get into the cat’s stomach as little as possible, and also […]

19 Sep, 2014

Character of British Cats

The British have a unique character, not like other cats. They are affectionate and friendly, but at the same time quite independent and stubborn. They tolerate the absence of the owner of the house well, so they are very suitable for people who often linger for a long time at work. These cats love affection, […]